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I'M GONNA- by Cuddles



17 January 2014 at 06:38:53 MST

-cuddle a tree
I suck at titles and descriptions

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    That Vaporeon! Q A Q way too cute mang. Waaaaay too cute.

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      Thank yooou~ ;v; I'm pretty certain more of that tiny crud will pop up sometime cause I love him, stay tuned X3

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    Oooh my~ I'm not normally one to draw fanart and post it. But I loooove pokemon so much, I've been super tempted to draw lots of Vaporeon and even more Cyndaquil and stuff! All the cuties.

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      Pokemon is basically the only thing I really draw that's considered fanart I guess xD Other than Pokemon I usually only draw my OCs. Pokemon is so darn awesome <3 Loved it since I was a kid and always came back to obsessing over it, no matter what other things snatched my interest temporarily.

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        Same here man. Same here. I drew a few of my and others OCs in Adventure Time style, and other than DBZ when I was 10, I think Pokemon is the only other fanart stuff I do. Including my one, so far, pokemon OC Caramel the shiny Cyndaquil. xD

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          I started out with Sonic the Hedgehog stuff XD And went through maaaaany many many obsessions from there on out haha. I have TONS over TONS of Pokemon OCs, Bubbles the Vaporeon being only one of them XD In due time I'll surely get to show them all uvu

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            Oh my! I started out with drawing my imaginary friends xD And just lots of animals. Then DBZ, then anime style, but all OCs, and now yea. That devolved back into animals and animal people, and here I am today, still trying to squash out all the animu