Dino mask blanks by crystumes

Dino mask blanks


25 May 2016 at 17:08:55 MDT

Newer version of my good old dino blank mask!
larger and more detailed than the last :)

No orders open quite yet. still working on finalizing last orders.

*7 inches wide, 8 inches tall, 8 inches long from base to tip of snout.
*mouth can officially be cut entirely apart. and made into a cut and hinged blank if necessary (you MUST do this yourself) I refuse to do so for you. as I made it as a masquerade basic face mask. but for those gung ho interested in moving mouth go for it! I made it easier this time.
*1" eye blanks best

Only flaw: The tips of the teeth seem to pretty much always cast with bubbles. I'll hand sand each tooth for you. Some teeth don't fully cast . so they have a "broken tooth" look. I will try and ask if you are ok with a certain cast before sending but so far most of them have at least one broken tooth. and are each unique.

I intend on creating a lower jaw piece for this mask! that I can send along with the blanks were you interested in cutting and hinging. would be $9 for the bottom piece. $12 were I to make and include a tongue! (however I am not offering this at this time)

I can include blank 1" eye blanks for $5 extra. (these must also be ordered once I have the bulk funds)

Paint-your-own blanks are $80! They entail:

Back edge cut and sanded
eye holes cut out
nostrils drilled out.
mouth completely drilled from one corner of the mouth to the other. (not cut all the way for hinging just the mouth)
primed with white primer.

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