Auction .:Comes w/ Ref Icons and Animation:. OPEN by CrystalOokamiWolf

Auction .:Comes w/ Ref Icons and Animation:. OPEN


2 April 2013 at 20:41:20 MDT


Not really having luck selling this adopt. ^^; I had a Taker but they couldn't afford or wanted it anymore. So it is back up for adoption~ I want to keep this guy SO BAD!! But I gotta let it go as I am in need of money.

Design Info~ The idea of this design is. Well design. Glowy spots. A pretty design wrapping around the arm. Stripes on the hind leg. And leopard like spots on the back. I decided to make the orb rainbow looking which changes and swirls. And the tip of the tail being black is post to be like a paint brush tip to create things. So also inspired by Okami.

Comes with what you see above plus these\_zps37d3500c.png\_zps0d789f9b.gif\_zps7c8d8427.gif\_zps7b02e130.gif and\_zps549bf186.gif.html

Open Bid: $15

Bid Increase: $2

Auto Buy: $40

Extra $10 I will make a non Chibi ref front and back of this character.

(Customs are $8)

Commission Journal::

Highest Bidder::

Bid behind the highest Bidder~

Sex: Male/Female (You can choose)

Species: Keramyt

Info: Keramyt are a feline like mammal with antennas and long tails with a orb at the end. The antennas on their head can sense vibrations that other animals or people can't sense or feel. The orb on the end of these Keramyts tail holds a special power. Like Magic that goes with the color of the orb. They can be kept as pets.

They can be Anthrofied.


~ Payment must be sent within 24 hours from the claiming or the character goes open again

~ No breeding

~ No stealing either the designs or the breed (this is a closed species, you can't make your own)

~ No Re-Selling!

~ May Re-Post with Credit to for the Line Art and Credit to me for the Colors and species.

~ No re-posting on other sites, no drawing a Keramyt with your own design

Line Art © Karijn ( )

Colors by CrystalOokamiWolf

Species Joint Owned by CrystalOokamiWolf and MethidMan

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