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Seabats Under Stars by CryptidTiger

Seabats Under Stars


Some very self-indulgent art I drew of my adorable Seabat Marlowe and the Seabat Tekko, who belongs to the creator of the species, Rinnai-Rai!

This was extremely fun to do and great practice for lighting and environments, I'm extremely proud <3

(As I said, Seabats are a species by Rinnai-Rai. You probably shouldn't ask me where you can make/adopt one, I don't even know if they're a closed or open species I just bought Marlowe as an adopt ;v; they're so cute)

I'm glad Marlowe made a friend, I wonder what they're talking about.......

Art by me, Marlowe (left) also belongs to me. Tekko (right) belongs to Rinnai-Rai. Only they or myself have the right to use/republish. Do not copy/trace/steal/heavily reference my work. Do not republish or use this work or the character in any way, or claim either as your own. Do not tamper with my work or credit in any way.