Susany Dangerfield by Crossdog367

Susany Dangerfield


29 December 2020 at 15:09:00 MST

Old art from 2011, presented with original comments.

Species: Bridge Bunny (Rabbit Varient)
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Orientation: Straight
Dating Status: Single, not looking
Fur Color: Standard
Hair Color: Standard, white scar streaks
Height: 5'06"
Weight: 130lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation: Technical Assistant, Assistant Programmar
Quote: "Oh, please let me p-pilot it once! Just this once!"

A resident of The Genesis, a space station set up as a rest stop for supply drivers going to terraformed planets. A steadfast lover of machinery, she nevertheless can't seem to have any luck with it. From crane rigs to prototype mecha to boilers to exposed circuit boards, she has heavily damaged various machines, mostly by being stupid around them. In her youth, she earned the nickname 'Little Miss Dangerfield' later shortened to 'Miss Dangerfield' and eventually 'Dandy.' Her real name is currently only used by her parents and sisters. Dandy orignally wanted to be a fighter pilot, but failed her exams so badly that she was permenantly taken out of the reserve pool, and is not allowed to apply for even civilian training.

She currently works in the bridge editing programming, doing general data entry and running simulations on grids. She later starts doing communications work. Number four in a house of nine children, Dandy was fortunate enough to have the bullying of an older sibling as well as the responsibility of taking care of younger ones. Her voice was often lost in the cacophony, and she tends to stammer when excited.

Dandy was heavily injured in the 40XX engine fire when she was eight. She was constantly in and out of the hospital as a kitten and her social skills are a bit lacking. Despite the massive damage, she recovered completely and lives a mostly functional life. She has severe scarring from the accident, and covers most of it with her hair and uniform. While friendly and generally pleasant to be around, she is very blunt and incapable of sugarcoating her words. She never wears anything revealing because of her assortment of scars, and she can be shy or standoffish around strangers. The damaged right side of her face is a source of anxiety for her and though her vision in her right eye isn't compromised, she tends to keep it covered. Dandy is extremely self-conscious about her looks, but proud of her work and knowledgeable in her field.

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