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More Heroic Dogs In Bouncy Balls! by CrimsonStar7359

More Heroic Dogs In Bouncy Balls!


Here're Bolt, Brainy Barker & Lady in my line of Latex Container toys called Bouncy Balls.

Right now, they're just having a good time in a Balloon Temple on my (once again, adults ONLY and NOT for kids!!!) fetishy planet dubbed Balloonius. Also, in Bouncy Ball Chambers, there's not only ramps, inclines & floating platforms of varying shapes & sizes, but there's also a few traps here & there such as spring pads (as Lady here found out the hard way), but as you can't feel any pain or discomfort on said planet, you have nothing to worry about.

I'll also include Bouncy Ball Race Track Chambers too, (think Mario Kart, but with my Bouncy Balls) so be sure to stick around for more info.

Brainy Barker from Krypto The SuperDog (c) DC Universe, Warner Bros. & Cartoon Network.
Lady from Lady & The Tramp & Bolt from the 2008 movie of the same name (c) The Walt Disney Company.