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🌟 Father-Son Toon Coyotes' Christmas Dinner! 🎄 by CrimsonStar7359

🌟 Father-Son Toon Coyotes' Christmas Dinner! 🎄


🎅 Earlier this December, I DID promise Bent-Tail & his son Bent-Tail Junior that I'd give them a nice warm Christmas dinner (including turkey & pizza), so here ya go. I mean, I know they're bad coyotes, but they're just tryna get some food. They just look so damn skinny (well, so does Pluto, but still). Hopefully, this wonderful holiday meal will stop them from fighting against Pluto.

Seems like Bent-Tail's just about full of turkey & ham, but his kid still wants more pizza, even tho that's probably like his second box. Eh, it IS the holidays so I say let them binge. 🎁

Characters from the Pluto The Pup cartoons (c) The Walt Disney Company.