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OOAK Noctis the Volanx Plush by crescentmoon1996 (critique requested)

OOAK Noctis the Volanx Plush (critique requested)


21 January 2014 at 00:49:28 MST


  • Noctis' body, head, hands, and feet are made of Navy Blue Minky
  • Hair and tail are made of Dusty Purple Luxury Fur (This stuff is SO soft but sheds SO much when you're sewing! I hope to work with it again though!) (This picture makes it look way too purple, it really isn't :shrug: )
  • Eyes are Turquoise Crushed Velvet , nose and brows are Lime Green Glacier Fleece
  • Feet have needle sculpted toes, and pads are made of Turquoise and Navy Blue Crushed Velvet, and Lime Green Glacier Fleece, hands are also needle sculpted
  • Horns are Lime Green Glacier Fleece
  • The Skarakki or "Scarf" is made of Turquoise Glacier Fleece, with Lime Green Glacier Fleece stripes, star, and moon, the "hands" is Navy Blue Glacier Fleece
  • Details (Eyes, Nose, Brows, Paw Pads, Scarf Details) are all appliqued on with "Super" Fabric Glue
  • Noctis is stuffed with high quality Poly-Fill, with Poly-Beads in the feet
  • Noctis is entirely hand sewn
  • Noctis is 18" from Head to Feet, and 19" from Nose to Tail

Noctis Plush belongs to me and is not for sale
Noctis Plush and Volanx Pattern is One Of A Kind and will never be for sale or commission except to UnoleSpirit herself
Noctis Character belongs to me and cannot be used without my permission
Noctis was drawn/created by UnoleSpirit
Volanx and Skarakki are property of UnoleSpirit

Volanx is a closed species and cannot be obtained other than through UnoleSpirit

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