Doodle-Vacation by Creamecream



12 August 2020 at 17:02:46 MDT

"I love everybody,
Because I love you,
When you stood up, walked away barefoot,
And the grass where you lay left a bed in your shape,
I looked over it and I ached,
I love everybody,
Because I love you,
I don't need the city, and I don't need proof,
All I need, darling, is a life in your shape,
I picture it, soft, and I ache,
Look at you, strawberry blond,"

You know you got it when you can make death wanna live just to be with you
Kravitz is 100% smitten, he loves Taako so much

Visit to the Astral Plane as a vacation was promised for after Killian and Carey's wedding, so let them have a nice time

Kravitz is able to blush and such because he's warm right now, either because he's literally just filled up with love right now, getting to be on vacation and back with his boyfriend, or because he and Taako did some other things earlier that gave death more of a blood flow, your guess on that tho is as good as mine, it could be whatever, they could have had a whole jog up a ghost mountain

"Strawberry Blond"-Mitski
Taako and Kravitz-The Adventure Zone

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