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Doodle-Birds by Creamecream



"I saw all of existence, all at once. I saw a dark storm, a living hunger eating it from within. But I saw a brilliant light heralded by seven birds, flying tirelessly from the storm. I saw seven birds.
The Twins,
The Lover,
The Protector,
The Lonely Journal-Keeper,
The Peacemaker,
And the Wordless One.”

Clothes are...not my strong the point I just closed Merle's cloak, because what do I even do?

Them twins, they are identical, and they love it to the point they keep their hair the same length and dress the same
Taako ends up cutting his hair when he loses his memories, and Lup lets her hair grow out while they are apart, so lich!Lup's hair is long, while during main Balance bits Taako's hair is short, they go back to the same length once they are together again tho

Everyone can see your crush from a mile away Barry, yes, Lup is wonderful, we know, love her

Yes, the boys in particular changed their hair from the Stolen Century to the actual Balance arc, no reason why, I just thought why not and did it, gave Taako a haircut, Magnus a shave, and let Merle grow his hair out

Lucretia may or may not have a ton of scribbles of Davenport and hearts in her journal...maybe...

soft inhale...deep inhale...long inhale...cough! cough!...inhale again... MAGNUS!!

Taako, Lup, Barry, Magnus, Lucretia, Merle, and Davenport-The Adventure Zone

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