Doodle-Yeah, yeah, sure by Creamecream

Doodle-Yeah, yeah, sure


21 June 2020 at 17:46:54 MDT

"Taako, I...was crazy about you before some weird light told me a story about your one hundred year journey through existence where you were fighting for a century to save the world. I love you, Taako, and at this point I think that everyone in reality is going to love you after hearing your story, and...nothing’s gonna change that.”

“That was actually a test. your face is a skull half the time, so I just wanted to make sure we-yeah, no fucking kidding. okay, anyway.”

Some Taakitz for the sake of some good ol' Taakitz

Taako just removing his glamour for Kravitz, and just being so scared he's going to leave him, but Kravitz just telling him straight up he loves him, he loves him, and he doesn't care how he looks

For me, Taako losing his beauty looks like basically the same, only someone really close to Taako (aka: Kravitz, the rest of the Starblaster crew, etc.) can tell, and only Lup can exactly put her finger on it, and she's more upset that they aren't identical anymore than anything, and she's not that mad about that, is the point

Anyway! anyway! my head really hurts, just have some Taakitz

Taako and Kravitz-The Adventure Zone

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