170901 - Pyrokinetics by CranberryCruise

170901 - Pyrokinetics


7 September 2017 at 21:21:50 MDT

So this was very much something in the very long time making. I've been a fan of oohcee oohcee since the days of TeamArtail and while I had drawn some few things of their characters at first, it wasn't to the quality I was happy with. Several years later I think I have something I am happy with. :P

This is Blaze, one of their OCs. Little liberties taken, mostly with the leg. New character design with a mix of an older version (since i really liked the robotic prosthetic).

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    Whenever I come back to this I still can't get over it. I just love the way you drew her face and all the other little details you put into this. Thank you so so much, this is absolutely amazing! I'm pretty sure I still have the other drawings you did for me, but it's incredible seeing how far you've come since we first met!

    Thank you again. I swear every time I look back at this I still get blown away by it! ♥♥♥

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      I'm glad you love it <3 It was fun and interesting drawing a head shape I normally don't do.

      You've come along way as well!

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        You pretty much nailed it! And the head shape looks awesome in your style :D

        And oh man thank you! ♥ It took me a while to get back onto the horse, but I'm getting there! I'm glad to hear people see the improvement! Thank you so much again, this is just amazing! ♥♥♥