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Titanium Moosebot by CosmicTrashbag

Titanium Moosebot


The Titanium Moosebot.

A big metal moose that can also glide and is largely solar powered.
Tall creatures with relatively flat limbs and a naturally produced sheet joining the forelegs to the rear legs.
They draw energy from Cybertrons sun via their ‘antlers’ and live in high up cold places. They can jump and glide loooong distances by spreading their legs out and using the membrane to pick up wind currents.

Yes, after my brain having a mini-epiphany of solar-panels-as-antlers-is-fucking-rad-as-hell I've had to draw a design for this Cybertronian critter!

They were only mentioned in one episode and nothing else ever happened with them but I wanted to design them anyway haha
Alien animals are fun!