Laserbeak by CosmicTrashbag



10 October 2019 at 07:48:04 MDT

Another member of the soundfam!

  • Railwreck was a big femme and loved it.
  • She did long to be able to fly however, Seekers and their aerial movements being quite entrancing but forever out of her bulky grasp.
  • As such when some Seekers showed up recruiting for the Decepticon cause and against a ‘unfulfilling’ council she definitely jumped for the chance to live a more fulfilled life.
  • It wasn’t too long into joining the Decepticons things like her size and bulk made her quite favoured with some of the top brass.
  • She soon discovered Megatron was more about fulfilling the ‘lacklustre’ life of war-builds along with his own power and was quite against allowing her to change her frame.
  • Leaving the Decepticons was much harder than joining.
  • Railwreck woke up a long, long time later and found herself unable to stand up.
  • In fact her entire body was different!
  • With a start she managed to hobble over to a reflective surface and to her horror a locomotive no more! She was a bird!
  • She cried and shrieked for days, her processor and spark having been ripped from her former body, stripped and remodelled, and placed into that of a Technimal.
  • Megatron couldn’t understand why she wept. She wanted to fly didn’t she? Well now she can put it to use for the Decepticons.
  • Laserbeak has a camera mounted in her chest for surveillance.
  • She was placed in Soundwave’s care where she found herself quickly ‘adopted in’.
  • Laserbeak found out why when she saw Ravage with the same kinds of scars she had after her ‘operation’. However, unlike her Ravage had ‘lost’ himself, whoever he was before was gone leaving behind tormented remnants.
  • Just like Ravage she changed her appearance upon reaching Earth, making herself resemble the native wildlife more than the Cybertronian.
  • Many times she wished she could just peck and claw Megatrons optics out but he had control over them now.
  • She likes to do her best to communicate, feeling it’s the only way she can keep her sanity.
  • Due to their similar fates she is ridiculously protective of Ravage and will likely fly into a rage should anyone harm him.
  • Hangs out with Astrotrain a lot, but the triple changer doesn’t know why.
  • Finds her new flight-capable body and it’s aerial prowess quite bittersweet and isn’t able to enjoy it as much as she once would’ve.
  • Excellent at finding small cracks and openings to squeeze through to get into new/different places.
  • Was a little unsure at first when Soundwave also adopted Galvatron, but realising how little there really was to fear she warmed up to him quickly and views him as “another dumbass brother”.