Mirage by CosmicTrashbag



5 March 2019 at 06:33:15 MST

Extriverse Mirage!
Went for an Egyptian/Pharaoh crossed with a mask type look. Then just went "nub limbs!" because a big part of these designs is to have these alien robots look like... aliens...

  • Mirage is a friendly well-meaning bot, it’s just that it’s painfully obvious sometimes he was raised in the exceedingly wealthy parts of Cybertron. He doesn’t mean to be rude or condescending about such things but they occasionally just slip out even though he’s done his best to uninstall such thought processes.
  • This did lead him to be considered enemies with more aggressive Autobots from less-wealthy parts of Cybertron; most notably Cliffjumper, but when the Red Mini finally figured out he wasn’t actually being rude, just oblivious/unaware of his own faux pas they became good friends and he’s been instrumental in helping him be more “down to Earth” as they believe the expression goes.
  • He once used his odd frame to his advantage by going limp and passing off as a “funny looking test dummy” while infiltrating a Decepticon camp. It only really worked because he was only noticed by ‘cons of lacking processor power.
  • Once used his invisibility to sneak up behind Starscream and shove him off where he was perched for shits and giggles. I mean sure he flew before he hit the ground but the startled squawk and flailing was worth it.
  • Did not die during the battle at Autobot City, however, Megatron shot him in the back and left him for dead. This left him paralysed from the waist down for the ensuing 'Unicron wars' as resources and bot-power were spread thin. He has since been repaired enough to walk again but his movements are now stiff, pained and awkward.
  • He was initially reserved about using his invisibility, only using it when needed or for battle but now he’s been introduced to how much fun it can be to play sneak tricks on others with it. It’s both humorous and troublesome at times.
  • His friendship with Cliffjumper is odd as they have a lot of falling-out’s, over the same reason Mirage tends to be at odds with other Autobots for. Which is his ultimate distaste in the war in general, he sees no good coming from it and feels there’s just something plain wrong with all of it, especially how nasty the ‘cons are, there’s got to be a reason for all that hate, right?. While he’s not the only one who wants peace as quick as possible the attitude doesn’t stick well with many others.

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