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(Request) The Sekra Demons by Corro7

(Request) The Sekra Demons


This Piece Was Kindly Sketched By Fuzzle-Buttz Quite A Long While Ago...
I Still Think It Looks Quite Neat~

The Only Thing Missing, Is Their Tails

These Fellows Are Known As Sekra Demons, I've Used Them In A Few RP's With Friends In The Past

They Are Best Described As Fluffy, Shadowy, Mask Wearing, Vorish Imps, With Abilities Relating To Fire And Shadows
Here's Some More Info Below

Sekra Demons Are Typically Found Underground, Or In The Great Mountain Caverns, Mostly In small groups Led By Either A Chieftain Or Clan Leader
Others May Be Found Living In Some Settlements, Or Travelling The Land

Most Demons Also Wear A Handmade Mask, Typically With A Simple Skull Design

Though Some May Be Mischievous At Times, Sekra Demons Are Typically Friendly To Outsiders, And Are Known To Be Surprisingly Good At Metal Work, And Blacksmithing, Mostly Due To Their Resistance To Lava And Heat

The Artwork Was Drawn By Fuzzle-Buttz...
While The Sekra Demons Belong To Myself...