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The magic show by corbynprower

Jay was at home watching some T.V, when he heard a knock on the door. He went to the door and opened it, seeing his friend greet him.

"Hi there Jay, I won some free tickets to some magic show. I was wondering if you wanted to come with me and John, since Corbyn said he couldn't come. He had a busy night tonight." Lily said to him, smiling.

Jay had no plans for tonight, so he decided to come. "Sure! Let s get going then."

They hopped into Lily car and leave to the show.

When they got there, they could see it was quite packed for the show.

"Wow! Big crowd we got here, he must be quite popular then." John said as they took their seats.

Then the show started as a smoke cloud is formed. Out of the smoke comes a three tailed fox with a dark blue coat and typical top hat.

"Welcome all, to the show. My name is Blue, the kitsune. I hope you enjoy the show." he said.

John leans over to Jay.

"Isn't that the cheapest name, huh?" he said and jay nodded.

Lily nudged them both. "Can you just be quiet and enjoy the show?" she said.

They turned back to watch the show.

The kitsune started to do the same tricks that most mages do. Then he started to do more better tricks. He made a ball of blue flame in his paw and threw it to the crowd, snapped his fingers, making the ball disappeared before it did any harm.

"Wow!!! That must be some high tech effects he has!" Jay said.

Then the kitsune started to speak again. "For my final trick, I would need a volunteer! Would anyone like to give it a try? It will make you see the world in a whole new way. How about you, young man?" He said, smiling and pointing at Jay.

Jay s friends edge him on to get up there.

"Alright, alright! I will go up there." Jay said and he went up to the stage.

Jay stood where the fox told him to stand. The fox started to chant something as Jay body started to tingle.

He looked at his arms and saw his arms were starting to grow long dark brown hairs on it, and then it started to grow faster into a silk pelt of fur. It went down to his hands as they started to cover his hands. His nails started grow out longer and between his fingers they started to become webbed. This made Jay quite nervous, but some part of him liked this change that was happening to him. Then the fur started to go up his shoulders and went to his chest and back, under his shirt the fur was growing in a light brown color, down the middle of his chest and following the fur as it went down his lower body. The fur was growing down his legs he felt pressure on his backbone as a long thick tail started to grow, and then it reached his feet. The same thing started to happen to them as the nails turned to claws. Then suddenly his size started to grow slightly shorter, as he went from 5'11 to 5'6, but his clothes still fitted him perfectly. The fur started to grow up his neck as it covered his face. The bottom half of it was the light brown and the rest of it was the darker brown, covering most of his body. His ears were covered in fur they started to change, getting rounder and going to the top of his head and his nose started to darken and turn black. His face started to push out slightly into a short muzzle as his changes finished.

The crowd was in awe after seeing the transformation.

"How do you feel now, kind sir?" The kitsune said.

"I feel great and relaxed I suppose..." Jay said, as the crowd clapped from the wonderful show.

Even Jay's friends were happy. Jay went off the stage to see his friends.

"Wow! You look so cute that way Jay, I got to admit." Lily said and John just looked at him.

"It s very neat trick, I got to say." he said as they started to take Jay back to his place.

Jay told them to stop as he ran out of the car.

"You guys can go on without me. I would like to stay here for awhile. My place isn't too far, I can walk there." Jay said.

Lily thought about it for while then said. "Alright then, but you better be careful. We don't want you to get in trouble or anything."

He just waved back as he jumped into the lake and started to swim around at good speeds, like the otter he was.

After a hour later, as he was having so much fun in his new form that he didn't notice a car parked and took a pictures of him. As he noticed that he jumped out and started to take the forest trail to his house, so he wouldn't cause any more trouble.

As he entered, he didn't notice how tired he was from all that swimming, so he locked his door and went to his room and hopped into bed.

The next morning, he woke up. He yawned and saw he was a human again.

"That was some odd dream I had last night..." Jay said to himself as he went to brush his teeth and head downstairs to get something to eat.

He turned on the T.V as he ate, to see the morning news was on.

"In breaking news, a young couple last night claiming to see some kind of otter-like man in the lake. We'll have more on that report later on." the reporter said as Jay turned off the T.V.

"Nah... It couldn't be..." he said as he finished eating and headed out to work, not noticing the otter tail sticking out of his pants.

The magic show


29 March 2013 at 21:28:14 MDT

this is a short story i made for a Secret santa thing on Christmas

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