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[OPEN 2/3] Speedpaint Commissions by CompleteAlienation

[OPEN 2/3] Speedpaint Commissions


A couple slots for speedpaints opened one again✨
These commissions are way cheaper that regular ones though they have some limitations

And since right now I dont have many commissions in my queue turnaround will be faster than usual
You can get your commission finished even less than in 2 weeks!

-->More Examples<--

You can also take a look on my regular commissions🤗


• Artistic freedom is preferrable though not necessary but I won't accept any complex descriptions
• Visual reference strictly required
• You'll recieve only one WIP with rough sketch/lines while wich you can make some edits
(so please provide me with quality references)
• I can make some minor edits when the drawing is finished
Total number of free edits is 3
Up to 2 characters on the same canvas (extra character is +100%)
Complex characters/designs will cost more
this includes but not limited to (big wings, multiple tails/limbs, tattoo, complex patterns)
• I can add a sketchy background for extra $70 -->Examples<--


Any Anthro/Human
Any gender
Any body type
Extreme fetishes has their usual extra fee -->Fetish list<--


Comment below or note me to claim😉

Please include the following information:
1. Your character references
2. Your PayPal email
3. Preferable drawing type (e.g. headshot) and number of characters (1 or 2)
4. Wheather you would like SFW or NSFW
5. (For artistic freedome) some of your character preferences, dos and don'ts

Number of slots per person is not limited (so you can take even all 3 slots)



1. Taken
(number of slots might be changed)


After purchase you will get:

• The drawing in PNG in high resolution (about 4000-5000 px on bigger side)
• The drawing in JPG in small resolution (about 1000 px on bigger side)


Payment rules:

• I accept payment via PayPal / Western Union
USD (or equivalent in RUB/EUR) only. I will send you an invoice, No e-checks
Payment plan is acceptable for prices over $300 but I will start working only after full payment
• Details of payment plan discussed individually. If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask ^^
• I will start working only after full payment
• It usually takes up to 5-30 days (but might take more)
• I can complete it faster for an extra fee


Please dont forget to read my Terms of service
Thank you~
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