Thank You, Mysterious Floating Space Raccoon by Commissar-K

Thank You, Mysterious Floating Space Raccoon


24 July 2016 at 18:48:04 MDT

Just a tribute to my best friend, Ness.

I usually don't make hokey emotional stuff like this, but I felt like I should give it a shot in this case. Dunno if anyone cares, but this guy has really had my back for quite some time and through quite some unpleasant stuff. He's been helping me through quite a lot of stuff as of late, and I think the least I could do would be to do some kind of tribute artwork to him and let people know what a cool guy he is. All in all, I'm really happy and quite honored that he calls me his friend.

But yeah. Ness is a really cool guy and he's got a fantastic and truly unique art style and knows how to perform auditory torture. You should go watch him.

And if ya don't care about any of that, I hope you enjoy and image of what appears to be levitating animals being pulled aboard an alien spacecraft.


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