commission - allenr by Coconutmilkyway

commission - allenr


27 June 2016 at 19:21:23 MDT

commission for allenr over on fA!

AllenR requested a special note for naoma-hiru to be included in this submission:

"This is a special gift for my friend Naoma.

I'm not best with words but I want to try to explain as best as I can why I'm getting this piece. I get a lot of art with us together, some of it is smut and some of it is get well art or cheer up art. But this one is special to me. This is a special thank you for being there for me. We haven't obviously known each other an extremely long time, but as time has gone on and we have become closer, you've become like a sister to me. You've always been there for me even when you're already in a hole yourself. When things get really bad for me, you're the only one who talks to me like you care. I've never felt more loved by a friend than you. For that, I want to celebrate it with this gift to you.

I hope it means as much to you as much to me, cause when I say you're like a sister to me I really do mean it. Just as you're also always there for me, I'll always be there for you in the darkest times. When things get really bad, I'll be there like a brother for you just like you're there for me like a sister."

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    I strive to have this much movement in my lines.
    (I also love it when people make sentimental art, I don't know either of you but your friendship art is giving me happy feels)