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Beak Clack by CockatriceKing

Beak Clack


So this was supposed to just be a warm up scribble but it spiraled out of control haha

Ever since I saw ovirapto-seel I knew it would only be a matter of time before I drew her, she's just so fockon cute i cant handle it. So what better way to depict two key lime beakies than with a good friendly beak clack!

That said, I've actually been meaning to draw something for you seel for a couple years now, I just always seemed to be afraid it would turn out horrible or something and chickened out. I'm always so nervous to draw fan art for people honestly, especially artists I really admire and look up to. Being that you're one of my favorite artist out there, I guess that kind of quadruples the nervousness of drawing something for you 9A6; That and I still sort of feel bad for not doing much more than saying hi to you at AC when you came by with everyone, it just kind of didn't register in my brain with all the people there, that and you seemed like you had enough people talking to you already haha.

Anywho, word vomit aside, hope you like this! it probably won't be the last since I had a lot of fun with this warm up :O

Ovirapto-seel belongs to   seely

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