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Beast and Beauty's Doubleclutch (OTA, 6/6 OPEN) by ClyncyeRudje

Beast and Beauty's Doubleclutch (OTA, 6/6 OPEN)


26 May 2016 at 09:31:51 MDT

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"So... they're going to hatch soon?"
Aleksand rubbed her tattoo and muttered, "Can't imagine why else the idiots're tolerating each other this well."
Murderbeast firmly shifted her grey-green haunches onto Beauty's wing as if to test that theory, and got nothing more than an aggrieved hiss in response. Each green was entirely convinced that the other was an interloper out to steal her eggs, and they had spent the past several weeks alternating between attacking each other and brooding the eggs. Now that the eggs were hatching, their focus was entirely on the colorful shells.
Zerlex muttered, "...I guess we should get people down here before they fly off." Daxith replied by broadcasting a terse, :Flit hatching in the laundry. Hurry up.:

Ugh, I'm beat. The foreground is fine and I won't be messing with it anymore, but I'll try to make a better background before uploading it to Patreon, maybe. Not sure.

Anyway, have some firelizard egg adopts. There is no relation between egg proximity and relatedness, for the curious. I'll post the hatchling's design and personality blurb after you pay for them.

-Point offers must be 400 or above; I am not interested in adoptable offers.
-If used, you must credit me for the design and personality.
-Do not resell them (trading or gifting is fine).

  1. Owner: N/A ( This egg has bright contrasting patterns in red, blue, and green on it. )
  2. Owner: N/A ( This egg has patterns that resemble fire and foliage. )
  3. Owner: N/A ( This egg's patterns resemble a riverbank and hills. )
  4. Owner: N/A ( This egg is a dark grey covered with brightly colored flecks. )
  5. Owner: N/A ( This egg is a pale grey with silvery markings. )
  6. Owner: N/A ( This egg is a dull brown with intricate green markings. )

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    I can't afford any of these lol nice art though hope you get someone to buy!

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      How so? You can offer art as well as money for these.

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        Oh offer art? Hmm what kind of art?...

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          Depends on what you'd be willing to offer!