Cyberfox 2020 by CLCoon (critique requested)

Cyberfox 2020 (critique requested)


27 June 2019 at 23:55:41 MDT

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"The year is 2020, the president of the United States was found in bed with the prime minister of Russia, which had them both removed from office. Both offices collapsed and anarchy reigned. Meanwhile, the Republic of China and Japan finally kissed and made up, becoming the world's biggest technological superpower.

The prime minister of Japan, at a hearing in Tokyo only said one sentence.

'Human and mechanical augmentation is now cool, and we're pouring much of the world's resources into genetic splicing and crispr. Peace.' And literally dropped the mic and walked off stage.

So we made a movie out of it. Cause we're Hollywood."

This inkedfur piece was 3 months in the making, the late Saturday night of TFF 2019, I got the itch to draw while hanging out in the lobby, half drunk and thinking about my next con, ACFI. The theme for that con this year is Cyberpunk/Retrowave, so I got too doodling a fox that was a mix of a sexy fox girl and Alita Battle Angel if it were drawn by Patrick Nagel. Add a dystopian city in the background and some false credits & titles, and BOOM. you got a 1985 sci-fi classic that never happened. I'd imagine it would be if Don Bluth and Ridley Scott got together to make a cyberpunk film for kids.

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