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This Fandom is Important and Beautiful To Me

on 23 January 2017 at 05:14:33 MST

You all are important to me, just as fellow members of it.

You're important, special, and beautiful. You need to keep being you, you deserve to.
You deserve to be the best you as you can be, as much as I do!
Draw, compose, write, perform, sing, craft, do everything in your power to be the best you!

Make this fandom amazing. Diverse. A composite photo of what the furry fandom should be.

Yes, there are people who spoil the fun, make it less fun because of whatever reason they think is right.
a fire becomes easier stoked when you feed it kindling. In a fire, be water.

There are more problems in the world out there. Make this an escape, even for a moment.
This land on a digital plain is more beautiful than you may realize.

You make this fandom as beautiful as I see it. Keep doing what you're doing, and make me proud.
Please, the more you hate what you do or who you are the more this place becomes skewed in your views. You'll become cold, cynical, distant, or depressed. This is not the place for that and we know it. It's a place where we come together with a common interest and common goal. To create for each other. To build relationships. To find love in one's self and others.

The furry fandom deserves you. And you deserve the furry fandom.

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