annoyed. (COMMISSIONS OPEN) by Claragonza3



16 May 2020 at 13:08:59 MDT

This. I love this. I love the drawing, the way i've drawn her i love it all. This aint my normal style but i felt this character needed this style to shine the way they deserves. Oh and I did it as a headshot because she doesn't have any bust-headshots and it's more expressive this way.

I get too attached to the characters i draw, this feels petty but i wish the people with lovely characters like this one just keep commissioning me because It makes me so happy drawing the stuff I truly love. I wish i could just draw them for free but i need to pay rent and stuff and... I just really need the money and these take a lot of hours
Anyways... This character belongs to :iconPygmaMoth: over on DA

I've been extremely sick for almost 2 months, i can't sit, i can't walk, i feel extremely suffocated because I just want to work all day like the way I did before but i can't and that sucks.

Wanna commission me? go there:
Thanks for helping me out ;w;