My Little Angel by Chyriel

My Little Angel


18 March 2013 at 13:46:25 MDT

Rex, the baby caracal I took care of during my voluntary work in South Africa.

A woman took him and his brother away from their mother so that she could keep them as pets. Unfortunately she had no idea how to feed a caracal baby of a few weeks properly and both of them were brought to the Rehabilitation center I volunteered in, since they were very malnutritioned and in a bad condition.

Even now with the passionate care of the center they are only half the size that they should be right now.

I really miss him <3

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    Would it be okay to use your photo as a reference for a drawing? Rex is beautiful. :)

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      Of course you can ^-^ Would you mind to send me the link, as soon as your done? I'd love to see the outcome =)

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        Of course. I always link the reference photo back to the photo/photographer, so credit is given where it's due. I probably won't have to time to draw anything before the weekend, but I hope to get to this then. ^_^

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    As promised, here a link to my drawing of Rex: I hope I've done your beautiful photo justice!