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November 2015 Patreon Wallpaper by Chu

November 2015 Patreon Wallpaper


30 November 2015 at 18:57:41 MST

This is the exclusive Patreon wallpaper for November. The Sinclair Family debuted in my webcomic, Slightly Damned, over 7 years ago! From left to right: Chestnut, Pepper, Heathcliff, Florina, Miranda, Samantha, and Duster.

I wanted to make a wallpaper that celebrated the Sinclairs (due to recent story events), and because the upcoming winter holidays, I also wanted to depict a happy family. I believe family is what you make of it, whether it includes blood relatives, adopted relatives, pets, old friends, fairy uncles, or what have you.

Slightly Damned: