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Bananas for K. Rool (Part 1/4) by choice_D (critique requested)

Bananas for K. Rool (Part 1/4) (critique requested)


This was a silly idea I came up with yesterday while at work, and I only got the chance today to start fleshing it out. What started as a quick writing session turned into 4 hours of nonstop writing! I love writing about this guy it turns out, haha.

This was meant to be short and sweet, but this is actually just part one of a possible 4 parter series where our lord and savior King K.Rool figures out how to really mess with Donkey Kong! Sure, he may end up irreparably destroying his figure, but you know what they say about revenge! It's sweet, like bananas!

Please let me know how you like the story though, I'd love to hear feedback over this! It starts a little slow, but just you wait! ^^