Introducing Aura Metstcoyotl by chiltikcoatl

Introducing Aura Metstcoyotl


20 March 2015 at 18:10:34 MDT

Origina from FA posted on January 19th, 2013 03:51 PM

She's a new character of my own, basicly an aventurer from the realm of Tlapololotlan, one mischaevous and funny warrioress with exceptional speed and senses. Though can be a deadpan snarker sometimes XP

She has a fairly simple design, yet complicated for not finding the appropiate way to give a pattern to her dress that was torn by herself into a top and a skirt; plus that her outfit is an amalgam of Aztec and tribes of the Sierra madre occidental though doesn't relate to any of them being from the youkai mountain and a Tlapololotlaltec youkai coyote.
This torn apart dress that makes a top and a skirt leaves uncovered plenty of skin simply because where she comes from is generally a hot and humid climate, though when travelling to colder lands she may wear a thick coat.
As well note that the feathers on her hair are identical to those Coatl wears, because in some way she "earned" them, being Aura his pupil.
The insignia on her shinguards is a Tlapololotlatec symbol that represents a flower, it's not a holy sign as the sunflower so can be worn on protective items such as a shinguard... however unlike other flower symbols this particular flower is worn seemingly only by Coatl's pupils (or warriors that used to before going out to the battlefield with his blessing)

Finally her weapon is an Atlatl, a hurling cane that is used to throw thicker arrows through great distances, and though it's a horribly useless hunting tool it's perfect in the battlefield...later I'd like to explain the way it works.
As well the Atlatl doubles as a sledgehammer, so that even if she has an obsidian knife too (not shown on the pic) this particular Atlatl may serve as a good melee weapon.

Well, I came up with this character while I had the idea of getting more involved into the whole thing with game programming I haven't had any idea, nor a decent plot for an RPG...though I might actually come up with a MMORPG instead...but so far I'd like to try with more...classical gaming (an old fashioned RPG or an action-adventure game), I think online gaming is overrated and is more fun inviting friends over...but it's not bad either playing with someone from let's say...Finland XD

Art by   chiltikcoatl