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From Dubai with love


20 March 2015 at 13:49:38 MDT

Original from FA posted on September 30th, 2012 07:19 PM

Meet Riyad Al-Abassid, a Sergal diploid clone whose engendering was meant to be first of many super-soliders, however the costs of producing this kind of soldiers was way above prohibitive, and moreover there are some serious complications with his central nervious system...but those are easily controlled through the right vias, the same defective gen that affects his central nervious system gives him the ability to manipulate field forces (gravity, magnetism and electricity).
His personality is extroverted, and seemingly over-affectionate (might lick your face if likes you), and varies from careless to a true he seem to love doing parktour...on Dubai's skyscrappers O_o
If asked about his severe disease on his nervious system he'll take it easy and respond with whatever is the truth on a calm way, he's not too worried about it, his voltage conveter also helps him to deal with the fairly-abscent seizures he sometimes suffers when exposed to certain triggers.

(the voltage converter is that body-tight device under his skin whose led-lights look like markings and it's main purpose is to regulate his power...of which has poor control)

Dubai is the place where he was "born" (or rather released from the test tube and unlike other clones, he has gone through an infant stage of life) the Emirates are his nation, the one place he loves and protects.
The building behind him is none other than the great and luxurious Burj al-Arab. He's ready to serve the Emir of Dubai as counter-intelligence agent, ready to ward off the enemy intelligence.

Sergals ©   mick39
Art by   chiltikcoatl

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