Fertility great God ~ Wind circulation by chiltikcoatl

Fertility great God ~ Wind circulation


20 March 2015 at 01:26:53 MDT

Originally from FA posted on January 26th, 2012 12:10 PM

Well, I'm ocasionally doing some updates regarless my tight schedule... there is nothing wrong in it XD

He's entirely naked but his package is outside the frame so this should be clean but works better as mature... and notice he's kinda smiling, because he's feeling some nice wind circulation through his balls XD

In this one I wanted to show all of Coatl's fit body and decided to draw his black mirror on his hand instead around his neck so his pecs would be more apreciable (God, I'm looking forward to get this buff someday) also fixed many anathomy mistakes I've been commiting latelly such as the way a wide back and shoulders work, how light and shadows reflect on these and I think I have understood better how muscles are... and finally I'm drawing hands better YAY!!!

I can finally apply the correct texture to the final image and got the desired effect on backlighting, plus this sharper lines are what I needed and I'm looking forward to find the right way on shading the hair.

Done with SAI, GIMP and rezised on photoshop.
Original size 1500x1500px
Resized to 1000x1000px
Art by   chiltikcoatl