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Lloyd Owen general information. (a bit mature info) by chiltikcoatl

Lloyd Owen general information. (a bit mature info)


original from FA on December 11th, 2011 03:12 PM

---Mature details below---

This is a character I created as a concept I had in mind since really long ago: a Nue character; but I wanted to get outside the portrayal of the original japanese texts since his "standard" form is humanoid with a wolf head, dragon arms, a snake as a tail and both torso and legs of a tiger. Also his transformations are mostly male-looking on which he can also take the form of a cuntboy, and cannot transform into an specific person, only hide his true form (which is not meant to living being's eyes). And the snake he has for tail is brainless so responds as if it were a limb, which comes with extra eyes and an extra mouth which comes on handy for...well, you know.

And it's not noticeable but in most of his transformations along with male characteristics such as a wide back and flat pecs he has wide hips, that might make posible for him to carry on with pregnancy and delivery X3 althrough he has no plans to have children.

The cigarette is to highlight the disease spreading creature motif.

Finally his outfit is a mixture of what he does, he's a spy and a cold-blooded hitman (note his hat and cape) but also he at times accepts money for sex (see his knee boots) and he can't tell what enjoys the most, if money, intercourse or spreading his nasty diseases.

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