Silly Putty by Chewbacca

Silly Putty


6 March 2013 at 01:27:28 MST

2012 work

gift for ditto9


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    Shiny Dittos were so fun to get with 2nd/1st gen.

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      now they are used to reproduce other pokemon like rabbits

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        Yup. You could use a shiny Ditto in 2nd gen to get shinies like crazy. Not so much anymore since you can't really use the 1st gen shiny gyarados exploit... obviously, lol.

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          it's what my little sister has been trying to trade over to her games so she can reproduce her shinies. It has to be a japanese ditto though sadly. She's way better than me when it comes to getting shinies. I only caught two wild shinies. I believe shes already in the 30s. This includes breeding and catching them wildly.

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            ah sweet o-o on the newer games yeah it has to be a Japanese shiny. I remember trading someone for a shiny Japanese Drillbur and breeding it so much... I got so many shinies out of that thing, it was nuts

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    You managed to make Ditto creepy. It's those sunk in eyes and blobby body.

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      haha i really tried making this cute. but everything i touch seems to turn out creepy XD

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    Yay, glowing blue goop!