[Space Explorers 2016 Calendar] by Cheetahpaws

[Space Explorers 2016 Calendar]


15 February 2016 at 17:32:15 MST

[Space Explorers 2016 Calendar]
Furplanet will be having the calendar stock at FC 2016 if anyone wants to grab a copy for the new year~ Do check out the amazing books and comics from their table too!

The Calendars can be purchased online as well through here:

Thank you all for the continuous support~

2 years ago, I initiated this Calendar idea to Teiran without knowing if anyone would like or buy it, as there wasn't much around. I started off with 'The Warriorz 2014' , 'Beach Boyz 2015' This is my 3rd calendar and I'm just happy when I hear some people really wanted to support and grabbed a copy. So I just want to say a big THANK YOU! to whoever has gotten it, hoping that you will really like it or as a gift for friends!

This gives me some encouragement to continue to make better illustrations and pin-ups for the next year. I've already started some brain storm ideas for 2017 Calendar. So hoping to release some teaser soon ^.^

Friends living in Germany and European countries can also grab the stocks cheaper from http://www.maennerschwarm.de/fussel.....arm/index.html
Fusselschwarm, carries books from fur planet and ships them out!

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