Back Stabbed (Vent Art) by CheetahLover

Back Stabbed (Vent Art)


12 May 2013 at 09:13:54 MDT

Only reason I'm uploading this pic here is because it actually came out a LOT better than I thought it would. It was sketched as vent art, after someone I thought was a friend threw our friendship away so easily that it felt like I was being stabbed in the back after all the times I've tried to help him. After sketching it, I decided to go on and finish it up and this was the outcome!

The character in the image is my fursona, Demitri, of course.

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    Oh ouch.

    (by the way venting is a terrible method for anger management)

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      How come? It made me feel a LOT better! XD

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        Well venting just encourages the behavior of more and more venting and leads to more anxiety or anger or whatever.

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      Actually, venting it into creative outlets is good, releasing it through destructive outlets is bad. Fighting, drinking, breaking stuff, beating stuff like pillows, those are all bad. Flooding those emotions out in a creative way, art, writing, music, screaming at the top of your lungs in the mirror to empty yourself of those thought and feelings is good. Bottling them up leads to sooner or later the bad releases, and causes an explosive decompression of emotions.

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        I know that. I'm just worried his gallery might start filling up with vent artwork.

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          Which isn't a bad thing if he really has a need to outlet. In fact you saying what you said is more prone to causing some one that needs to release their feelings in a non-destructive manner to bottle them up as they are implied as 'bad' things which then results in them having a break down later on that would be worse than a few pictures here or there to feel better.

          It's like cholesterol, people hear that word and assume it's all bad, but there is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, beating on things, on yourself, bottling up the emotions is bad cholesterol, out-letting it into something that is productive, that at any time you can just delete and move on from, is good cholesterol.