Light off, lights o- shit, too late! RUN!!! by Charlie the Dragon

Light off, lights o- shit, too late! RUN!!!

Charlie the Dragon

13 April 2014 at 12:06:37 MDT


Also known as everyone's favorite obstacle, especially if you're desperately trying to get to the safe room being the last survivor left, with your healthbar in the red numbers, only couple remaining bullets and, of course, no shotgun to cr0wn the witch. Can turn really ugly sometimes. But it's still one of the specials I like the best. Now I do.

Long before I actually started playing L4D myself, I knew this game solely because of fanart, so I was aware of this annoying zombie before our first meet. But it really didn't me any good, because I didn't bother to take a look on any videos from actual game to aware myself with how the witch really behaves and sounds, so I thought I'll run into her without any warning.

It means I was scared as hell when I played through the first campaign, constantly afraid of opening next door in fear this creepy skinny ugly freak will jump out of there to tear me apart. I was really relieved when I realized not only witch's quite loud and easily recognized by her crying, but other survivors will warn you about her presence as well even before it's possible to hear her clearly.

So I'm no longer afraid of witches, instead of that they became my favorite playthings (okay, that sounds dirty). It's always fun when you throw a molotov on her and try to outrun her for long enough to let the fire do its job. Shame that rest of the group will probably shot her before she can be burned. In this case it's call for a chainsaw. It's hard to steal this kind of kill. And yes, I'm well aware about how bad person I am. XD Aaaaaand how many babbling just happened. Insert cheesy apologize here.

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