Atlantis (Early sketch 1d) by chama (critique requested)

Atlantis (Early sketch 1d) (critique requested)


11 January 2016 at 10:03:46 MST

Since this version is not finished yet, I definitely want to improve it. If you have comments on lyrics, melody, performance, instrumentation and so on, I'd like to hear about it so that the next version will be better and the final version for NordicFuzzCon this year will be great!

It is now past seven in the morning and my paws are shaking. I've been at this since... I can't remember when, but I know I can't sleep until I get this early preview out!

Atlantis is the name of this song and the theme of NordicFuzzCon 2016. The song with will be performed live at the charity concert, very likely as the introduction. This is the first sketch of it, and it's very rough and unpolished so far. There will be more! There will be better! There will be awesome!

For now, yes, the piano is a hammering-cleanly-for-vocal-recordings version, the bass and flute are midi, the drums are (partially malfunctioning) loops that will not be like that at all in the final version, I promise. The vocals are practically raw, with just a bit of compression. I didn't even de-breath the recordings yet, since some lyrics might change for the next version and will need new takes. Also, Jokergirl and Mirar helped with some of the "audience chanting" part. It's not entirely Chama this time. :)

But here it is, the first incarnation of Atlantis!


Verse 1
Somewhere in the ocean,
Hidden deep below
There lies a sunken legend
Its mystery grow-ing
We have searched forever

Our venture's been grand
At last we found a drawing
of this hidden land

And if only we
Could find the key
To this map, we all
agree! Yay!

Atlantis (Atlantis)
Atlantis (Atlantis)
Atlantis (Atlantis)
Here we come!

Atlantis (Atlantis)
Atlantis (Atlantis)
Atlantis (Atlantis)
Here we come!
Here we come!

Verse 2
Down into the water
Our submarine descends, and
This is where our jouney ends

Maybe we will find there
A clue to their fate
Did they leave or was it
too late

But when we arrive
on this daring dive
We find Atlantis alive!


Verse 3
Come, behold the city
Illuminated, bright
shimmering of magic in
rich crystal light

Treasures, sunken vessels
And countless octopi
The merfolk's ancient wonders
Beneath a liquid sky

We have found our way
We will be okay
We are welcome here
to stay! Yay!


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