Earth Eternal Theme (A Cappella Cover) by chama

Earth Eternal Theme (A Cappella Cover)


26 September 2015 at 03:48:30 MDT

This was quite fun to do. The original theme is quite simplistic in nature though it layers a lot of instruments and uses reverb to sound "big", resulting in a messy sound. Thus, I may have missed some of the small notes when transcribing it by ear, but I trust I have kept the general spirit of the piece.

So far, there have been two instruments that posed problems - the flute and the harp. The flute, I solved X-files style. I'd say whistling counts as a cappella. I'm sure you all can attest to that I'm a better singer than a whistler. :) whistles innocently off key

The harp, I finally managed to solve by doing a glottal M. and attenuate quickly. The attack I later fixed with Equalization and the decay with excessive reverb. Post-processing is allowed, right? :)

This mix sounds a bit less impressive than the samplers used in the orchestral original, mostly because I need to voice-act and mix better, but also because you can't get mostly-unison choir lines to sound "big" in the same way as with an orchestra (listen to piano renditions of Hans Zimmer's work. It's not very impressive.) For a final version, I'd likely arrange it more choir-style instead of faithfully following the original.

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    I actually enjoyed Earth Eternal for how briefly it existed... before being bought out by a Chinese company as they made the characters' faces more... awkwardly cute.

    I had hoped a soundtrack existed to download, if at least for nostalgia's sake

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      If there is one, this version would certainly not be on it! :) But yes, the game was promising in the beginning.