Open for SMALL Commissions! by CFStudios

Open for SMALL Commissions!


28 July 2017 at 11:23:52 MDT

Heads up! We are open for small commission orders! Slots are limited, and we'll be working you in with our current queue. We try to finish small orders as soon as possible, but our rough turnaround time for these slots is expected to be two months.

Small orders are PIECES of costumes or fursuits, not sets. This would include things such as a head, handpaws, tails, a small or simple weapon, accessories, or simple clothing like a cloak.

Small orders DO NOT INCLUDE bodysuits, legs of any kind (like our faun legs or half suits), partials, or armor sets. If you aren't sure if something qualifies as a small order, just ask! The worst we're going to say is wait to apply for a slot in October when we reopen.

Commissions less than $500 must be made in one payment, and anything less than $1000 must be made in no greater than two.

Be sure to read up on our TOS, and if you’re interested in commissioning us you can shoot us an email at or use our quote form on our website!