Werewolf Assassin Adoptables by Celesol (critique requested)

Werewolf Assassin Adoptables (critique requested)


8 July 2017 at 17:33:46 MDT

  1. 'Claws and Thunder' (Left)

Prompt: A ferocious assassin who brutalizes his victims with his savage claws. His work is messy, but thorough.
A wildcard assassin who you only hire if you really want the victim to suffer...

Starting Bid: 15$
Current Bid: None
Autobuy: 50$

  1. 'Kris and Fire' (Right)

Prompt: A stealthy and silent Spell-Blade assassin, who kills with precision and then burns the victim's body to ash.
Hire her if you want no trace of the crime... just ashes on the wind.

Starting Bid: 15$
Current Bid: None
Autobuy: 50$

Auction will run until the 18th of July, with a 24 hour snipe guard. This adopt will also be posted on Flight Rising and Weasyl.

You can change their name, gender, color scheme and whatever else you want.
I'll contact you by note if you win so I can give paypal/point information. Please pay within 24 hours.
You can trade/resell/gift as much as you please
Don't claim the art or design as your own if anyone asks, but aside from this you don't have to credit me.
To bid, respond to the correct comment below.

When you buy - after I receive the payment - I will send you the full resolution version of the adopt without the watermark!


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    Reply here to bid on 'Claws and Thunder'!

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      SB by Coco-JOJ0 on DA!