All these Shapes and Colours by Celesol (critique requested)

All these Shapes and Colours (critique requested)


29 April 2017 at 17:28:38 MDT

Finally I get this feeling
Were all alone in one big world
Just to realize what all these shapes and colors are
So it doesn't hurt so badly
So life doesn't hurt, doesn't hurt so badly
So life doesn't hurt, doesn't hurt so badly
Please don't look at life, look at me so sadly
Life shouldn't hurt, doesn't hurt so badly

  • Angels and Airwaves

Remember how ages ago I said I was working on something big? This was MEANT to be posted for my Devianart Anniversary... some four months ago. But before I could finish it, my computer broke... and then when I got a new computer, my tablet broke.

So only now have I FINALLY had a chance to finish it.

This picture is a send-off to a bunch of my old OCs I had from when I was a kid - the characters descend in chronological order, the top two being my first every original characters - as far as I can remember - from when I was around four year old, and the bottom is Arsenios the main character of a children's story I'm currently working on.

OCs from top to bottom:

  • 'Ninja Boy' and 'Ninja Girl' - The oldest OCs I can remember. Yes, that's really their names. I'm pretty sure I remember stealing their designs wholesale from a browser game. Also, they're siblings.

    • The Galaxy Puppers - I actually can't remember their names, but I do distinctly remember that I thought the idea of gradient dogs was super rad and totally original. How young I was. I guess they're basically sparkle dogs?? Anyway, the mom was purple and pink, and the dad (not pictured) was black and white, so the puppers were various combos of that colour scheme.
  • Raven, Roland, and Dawn - This was a story about a young prince named Dawn (I didn't know it was a girl's name, lol.) whose parent's got assassinated, and was being guarded by a bunch of elite bodyguards who's names all started with 'R'. Raven is clearly an obvious emo mysterious Vincent Valentine rip-off and it fills me with delight. I love him. Roland is the total badass old man character type, and Dawn was actually a bit of a worry-wort precocious child. I love them LOTSSS. It was hard to choose only three of the characters from this story - there's tons of them, and reeeally helpful art references for their designs, too. (Badly drawn in MSpaint!)

  • Scythe and Joy - this story is ALSO about a badass old man taking care of a young boy. Fun how I only noticed trends like this after stepping this far back. I thought it was quite funny how they ended up next to each other, so I drew them fighting. This was a story about a group of people trapped in purgatory who needed to fight their way out to go to heaven.... oddly dark considering I made it when I was eight.

  • Celestial - I originally wasn't going to put Celestial in here because there were already so many wolves... but then I remembered that 'Cel'estial is half the origin of my username and I realized I couldn't leave him out. He's from a weird story about traveling to purgatory to free a super powerful wizard from being locked in solitary confinement. Second story in a row with purgatory in it, yuuuup.

    • Kamir and Jenn-Sil - the first major story/characters I made after becoming a huge weeb. It was about people with magical familiars fighting in gang wars. Funny thing about it, looking back on it, is how much all the pairings are terrible, lol. Shy guy gets with shy girl, hot head with hot head, onee-san type with onii-san type. Absolutely terrible! I did love these two's relationship - sassy best friends where Jenn-sil tries to mom Kamir, and he's like 'no way you're p much my age.'
  • Riley and Jason - from Life Lines, of course! A story about ghosts kinda count as purgatory, right? If so, this is the third one, lol. Life Lines was a great learning experience, but in general it was just... kind of a bad idea. Overly melodramatic and moody was the intent so that I could push myself out of my comfort zone, but out of my comfort zone also meant 'a genre I don't really like'. A real shame, but I still adore the characters, regardless. Wish I could've fit Angel in here too.

  • Tohr and Drei - heccckkkk. I love these two so much. Their dysfunction is real and apparent, but also subtle enough to still make them feel like 'good' guys. It was hard not to toss all of the cast if 'Topsy Turvy' into this picture, let me tell ya. The whole story of Topsy Turvy is a massive work-in-progress that I'd love to actually work on someday, but I have to many other things on my plate.

  • Arsenios - From Sweet Cat Night! A children's book I'm currently writing. Set in an ancient Greecian inspire fantasy land, Arsenios is a young royal boy who gets thrown into a crazy mess out of his control... and I can't say much more than that, for fear of spoilers! I love hiiiiim.