Two Roads by Celesol (critique requested)

Two Roads (critique requested)


29 October 2015 at 12:27:33 MDT

The road stretches into the horizon, but I won't go that way. I'm after the hidden path, and I'll run through the wilds if that's what it takes to find it.

Ahhh, I'm so happy with how this turned out!

OC(s): Arinath is the gamekeeper of the woods. Which is to say, he keeps all the animals in balance, making sure none get over populated or others start to dwindled. Arinath is good friends with the duke who owns the land, and was given the job by him. He doesn't actually hunt himself, (He's dreadfully incompetent with a bow.) he just tells the hunters which animals they can hunt.
On the other hand, Arinath can survive off the land simply by foraging and eating plants. He was born in this forest, and has never left it. He doesn't know where the dirt road goes, but he doesn't care - he's looking for something that's still in the forest. Will he find it? Only time will tell.

Media: Ink and watercolour.


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    Water color such amaze
    much astonishing
    many detail

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      You're about three years too late on that meme, but I appreciate the comment anyhow. :P

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        Has it been three years already?!
        It feels like Nyan cat was only two years ago.