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28 December 2014 at 03:21:53 MST

Didn't really think much had changed in my style, still have days where I cant get as detailed as I want and other times it comes really easily.

The critter design can be found in achaemenid architecture, one of the lion pieces.

Colored one is from 2012 and when I tried to get back into drawing from a bad artblock at some point and looked up different mythological creatures to try my hand on.
Not my best work from that year tho and the sketch beside it is now from 2014, with another retake on the same creature.

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    Quite the change. Its always amazing to see how people's art changes over time. The wing construction definitely improved.

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      Anatomy has improved alot but to be fair on the colored sketch I just tried getting most details that was shown in the wall image of the critter + artblock at that time so didn't bother to make it realistic.

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    this gives me so much hope for my own style.<3 beautful work!!!

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      thank you :J we are all good in different ways and going outside comfort zones helps to improve ... I still have to go further and try other stuff

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        yes definitely, my art classes at school have really helped me that way for sure. i've also been practicing other species a lot too.

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          other species are nice to try out but I also meant backgrounds and items to fill the picture with ... those can be a bit more boring atleast for me but helps one out with shapes even more

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            ahh yesyes. I'm definitely a slacker when it comes to backgrounds.. ^^"