Culturally F'd's Rusty Shacklefur by ccAb (critique requested)

Culturally F'd's Rusty Shacklefur (critique requested)


14 June 2016 at 17:06:40 MDT

I've finally finished this. I've been spending to much time on this, and procrastinating when I'm not working on it. This could have taken a day or two, but somehow I managed to spread it over five. You better put this on your wall, or nothing will happen! Dun Dun DUUUUNN!

Here's the model on SketchFab:


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    For its base worth, I have to say it's smoothed in the right areas. That knick of the curving at the ears on top, that's what good design planning is.

    I am more amazed by the UV textures on this, smart way to avoid adding hair effects. May I ask how you prepared the texture? Seems pretty well planned. The eyes must have been pretty complex as I can see the effects in the right eyes from a sliver of its surface.

    Course I'm more curious on what you will do other this next.

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      The texturing is actually really simple: I just use a mouse - no graphics tablet or anything - to put the general pattern on the model. Usually I just use Texture Painting mode and paint in the 3D View port. I have the falloff set to constant and the strength set 100%. Once I have the pattern scribbled on, I go back along the edges of the pattern and make small strokes with the smear tool in the direction the fur should go.