Tales Of Impending Peril - first three chapters by Cavram (critique requested)

Tales Of Impending Peril - first three chapters (critique requested)


27 January 2015 at 22:28:21 MST

This is the beginning of a novel series I've been working on writing for a while called: Tales of Impending Peril.

The first volume of which is called: The Fires of Hexmalivus.

I plan to make 6 or 7 volumes total by the end. The cover of which is done by my friend: Gorath. his page can be found here:
gorath gorath

Any feedback given is highly appreciated.

The full genre listing was somewhat complicated to comprise and the closest comprehensive list I was able to make was: A Fairy Tale Lovecraftian Horror, Steampunk, High Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Comedy, Ensemble Piece with a hint of Romance.