Hydrophobia by Cattick



21 January 2014 at 00:40:04 MST

Wind rushing past me as I fell,
blowing into my ears.
Usually the water beneath is comfort,
but instead I was filled with fears.

The smell of the salty water
made me sick and dizzy.
Crashing and swishing waves,
made my mind go fizzy.

Each second was instead an hour
as my inpending doom got ever close.
I hit the water and went rigid.
I knew that soon, death would be my host.

I struggled and flailed
in a desperate attempt to swim.
But the waves hit my mouth and filled my lungs.
I got into a battle I couldn't win.

I grew tired and made like a rock,
My body was limp and I struggled no more.
Accepting death as my fate, I was shocked
when I felt a beating on my chest, up on the shore.

My brother, half black from his trade
of beating metals into a tool,
looked at me with bloodshot eyes as water left my filled lungs,
"You gave me such a fright, you fool"

I was pulled quickly into his guarding arms,
feeling his brotherly love once more.
I gave it back with tears in my own eyes,

since he's told me once that I'm what he lives for.

In case you can't tell- Volker here can't swim. Learn to swim, kids.

Volker Dragonkyn belongs to me, cattick

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