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Inktober - Day 7 - Drip by CatDasher

Inktober - Day 7 - Drip


yeah still going with some of these (i dont care is way late, im having fun with the few i done) XD this one took long due tried new lines that didnt work so had to redo, and to gogle "how to draw wet clothes" pfft i got rule34 links there, like wth XD until tried around due havnt drawn "wet" clothes before and havnt really drawn a soaked / wet diaper either so this is result.. she got caught in rain storm and head for a cave but unfourtantly her shorts burst and didnt make it unlike the now huge swollen diaper XD

also water puddles looking weird cus need to practice to draw water lol

Sofy belongs (c) to CatDasher CatDasher.


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    Definitely not a fun situation but one to laugh and be delighted to witness!

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      agreed 🤣always fun when is someone else XD