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30 Days: Day 30! by carnival

30 Days: Day 30!


..And that completes and concludes the 30-days challenge!
THANK YOU TO ALL WHO CHECKED/COMMENTED/FAVED/WATCHED/ETC~! ^___________^/ And may this year be filled with more artz than last year indeed~! :D

-Will be seeing most of y'all @ the FurDU (March 28-30th, 2014) event coming up! (@ which I will be open to taking table-commission once again!)
-For any new online-openings, keep an eye out late July for some special Badge slots
-Got a few other tricks up the sleeve coming May too, as well as ActFur returns to complete Season5! ;D

Here's a link to the entire completed set!

*Inked with assorted colour-feltips. Coloured with assorted markers, pencils, and White Gel Pen. BG gradient & Texture (by LiLaiRa!) placed in Photo Shop CC.

AppleJack © Hasbro)

Kraden © Kraden
Skyline © Skyline
Kibber © Keebz
Raspberry Roo © Raspberry Roo
Joey © Joey
Carni, Party Popper, the 4 ink-o-saurs + ARTwork by Erika V, Feb 2014
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