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Novβ€’2023: NOVEMBER'WEEN!! by carnival

Novβ€’2023: NOVEMBER'WEEN!!


..Awh! Spooky month over ..

.. .... . but WAIT-!


Theme for Novβ€’2023:

'Extending out the Halloween for another Month!'

β€” Spookyness, Candy, Tricks, Treats, and Halloweeny Themes .. s'more!
β€” Really wanna get in a 'Carnival Squash' Pumpkin'Head Carni pic in during if I can!
β€” ....still very keen for Were-Wolf-y Were-Anything themes ALSO! X3

*Themes always only a serving suggestion!
Past Theme or whatever else is welcome too!


Stream Dates

β€’ 7th Β 
β€’ 17th (International Students' Day)
β€’ 19th
β€’ 21st (World Hello Day)
β€’ 23rd Β (Fibonacci Day / Β Wolfenoot)
β€’ 29th (Int. Jaguar Day)

*Typically soft-aim to start about 2pm each day [+10GTM: Australia Melbourne Time, a day ahead for some folks in the world!]
**Exact start times subject to shift too though - see Telegram Channel for updates around that


πŸ”Έ [Have a read through this info page]Β to see what rough price-per-expectation is like towards what you are after

πŸ”Έ Donate the desired amount @ my Ko-fi (Β ) with;
β€’ Your nominated Character(s) (Refs, names and species for them also please!)
β€’ A Listing/Links to (all/preferred) your Social Media Pages
β€” If you do not have online-links to reference material, or your brief description/key words and/or links to reference material does not fit in the small text-field that Ko-fi offers, then send a DM on Ko-fi shortly after booking
[there will be a button for that available once the donation has been made]

πŸ”Έ Rock up on the day in Stream!Β (if you want to watch that unfold beyond)
β€” Otherwise simply following the instructions on the date will secure you a booking also: no presence strictly required!

It’s that simpleΒ β™₯

*DonationsΒ must be 35$+Β per character featureΒ (anything under that and it's just considered a tip/but not necessarily going to result in art)

β€” All your Social Media ContactsΒ (Twitter/FA/Telegram, etc)
β€” Character Refs:Β NameΒ andΒ SpeciesΒ is useful also!
β€” (If buying for, or including, a friend) Their Social Media pages as wellΒ for crediting when uploading

πŸ”ΉΒ ^Β Cannot stress this enoughΒ ^Β πŸ”Ή
Even if you have ordered many times before, please include all the above info with any Order placed every time so I don't gotta stop drawing to chase you up during or after the event! 😈

β€’Then you'll get queued up and Order drawn during the event! (or shortly after if the list gets heckin' long on the day)


Shall aim to put up posters once live on the Day, otherwise can pre-emptive follow us onΒ Twitch nowΒ for notifications on when that is live;

Likely be a mix of Music and on-Mic during those also, & see ya'll Stream-side! ^_^/

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[Telegram Channel!]
[Telegram Channel Public-Chat]
Updates, fun stuff, creative resources daily!

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Poster Made up in CSP
(& Poster art from: )

Carnival Character & Art by Erika V, Oct 2018

Posted using PostyBirb

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