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COM: Halloween Parade Page by carnival

COM: Halloween Parade Page


Carni: Ripper with a RESURGENCE of the FROWN-BOX back again in 2022 and 'Int. Nacho Day'! X3

Mal picking some fresh-off-the-vine Dauz Telegram stickers (that can be grabbed [here!])

And Mecha, SWEETEST of the SWEET and first of thyne Floofy Reign, shouting me a very large order with the prompt 'something that I might like/would cheer me up' 🥹

(. . How' I've come into such wonderful clients and friends I know not fully, but gosh I'm forever blown away by the utter kindnesses that so many of ya'll bestow my way~ 💕😌 I'm honoured)

Characters that feature in the Trick-or-Treating Train are: Mecha, Carni(bat), Untitled Spy's Mizukuri, Honeycomb (my new BeeCat character and suit-being-made) & Mal's Dauz (in Toneless Kigu)

Ry: Oooooo so much here, the expression on that Frownbox is making me wonder if they are stealing the equivalent to neurons when they grab those chips XS

Dauz is always so pretty aaaaaah gosh, I am so glad Mal keep getting more and more with them 10/10 snuggleable ^-^

And gosh what an absolute loveliness of Mecha to get this piece for you, and it is so happy and friendly. What a good piece for halloween too, proper costume chibi’s (‘33

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Drawn up in CSP

Characters ©

Mechafox © Mecha
Mizukiri © Untitled Spy
Dauz © MalorekHolyDark
Frown Box © Ripper

Artwork, Toneless, Honeycomb & Carnival by Erika V, October 2022


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    I get this feeling you absolutely adore everything you draw, its always so amazing no matter the subject ♡♡♡

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      ......yeh pretty much~! \X33